The best library blog/journal on the internets just got better

October 3rd, 2012 Comments Off

My friends know I’m a shameless fanboy for In the Library with the Lead Pipe. Today, the authors announced they are taking the journal in a new direction.

[...] we have begun the process of registering In the Library with the Lead Pipe as a nonprofit corporation. Our intention is to leverage our credibility and what name recognition we’ve acquired to raise money and channel it towards initiatives that will positively impact the world of librarianship. We want to do so thoughtfully and constructively, in the same way that we have built Lead Pipe over the last four years. Our organization will be deliberate and passionate, it will be built through collaboration and consensus, and it will make careful, considered decisions. Yet despite all this, it will not hesitate to attack those obstacles and assumptions that keep libraries from moving ahead. That is, and will always be, the mission and heart of Lead Pipe.

Knowing the people behind Lead Pipe, you can expect this move to shift the library landscape tectonicly. Take 5 minutes of your morning to jump over to their site and offer your thoughts on how they can change the world. As I enjoy my morning coffee, I will do the same.

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