Academic news roundup: post-campus, reflective, and meme-generated

March 27th, 2012 Comments Off

Start your week with future thinking. The Atlantic has an article that ponders an academia where distance learning is the norm. Propositions include:

    • Education will end up being dominated by a few huge incumbents
    • 95% of tenure-track professors will lose their jobs
    • The young will have a much lower financial burden in their 20s, and
    • the end of universities as research centers

Char Booth, who is still getting a lot of buzz around both the water cooler and the nets for her latest publication, Reflective Teaching Effective Learning (ALA Editions, 2011), offers her personal advice for improving one’s ability to teach.

The financial situation in higher education dominated the headlines yet again last week. Scott Jaschik reported on a new international study of faculty pay (tl;dr: go to Canada, young padawan). Inside Higher Ed also shed light on a study that showed about 40 percent of academics at Russian universities pay to have their research published.

In technology news, Steve Kolowich reports that Lasell College wants every faculty member to be using its LMS by the end of this year.

Honorable mention: Libraries use memes. Knowing is half the battle, dear reader; so don’t skip out on this read, lest you be considered a n00b.

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